Post UD Life

Before writing my last blog, I wanted to give you an update on my life after UD. As dramatic as my last blogs have been, believe it or not, I have happily carried on in this new phase of life. The first day back at my parent's house was a bit tough, but I am no longer sad to leave UD behind. I have been busy planning my new life with my soon-to-be husband and preparing to teach next year. I received my schedule from the department chair a few weeks ago, and I have quite the load for my first year teaching. I will be teaching physical science (freshman physics/chemistry), general physics (sophomore, junior, and seniors), and AP physics. I had never taken an AP class in high school because most of my classes were UP, so I am a bit nervous to teach AP physics. I went to Piqua last Thursday to get my books for next year, meet the teachers, see the students, and glean anything I can from the teachers I am replacing. Needless to say, Wednesday night I was all nervous because I felt like Thursday was a first day for me! I was nervous I would go Thursday and look like a new student who was friendless and lost. Fortunately, I was greeted at the door by the principal, who is a UD alum, and he took me to the right room. The department chair took me around to all of the various science teachers, who were all beyond friendly and helpful. By the end of the day, I had four textbooks in my arms and a notebook full of tips from the teachers. I also was pleased to meet a first-year teacher in the science department who shared in my same fears of going to a new district. It seems silly, but even as a teacher, you worry about having friends and getting lost! Anyways, I feel that I will be in a great place to start my teaching career.

As for the wedding planning, I am up to my ears in with my wedding to-do list because I have completely neglected all of my wedding plans while finishing out school. I worked a lot on the major things like the photographer and the caterer over Christmas break, so now I have to fill in all the other pieces. It is important to me that I enjoy each phase of life, day by day. I didn't want to skip over my last year of college by focusing on my wedding, and I am really glad I did that. Since I have a job for the fall, I have decided not to work this summer to allow myself the time to do all of my wedding plans and prepare for a very challenging first year of teaching. In the past week, Brandon and I have found our new home in Troy, Ohio, and we have begun to piece together our new life together. We decided to live in Troy because he works in Dayton, and I will be working in Piqua. I am so excited because I will still be close to Dayton, my favorite city, and I will be in a small town again, which I really missed. Yesterday we did our gift registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, which was loads of fun, and we also bought his wedding band this week. We are a little overwhelmed by the number of decisions we have had to make, but we are very excited to see our life take shape. Our wedding is in July, so I still have plenty of time to finish things up. In the mean time, my sister flies in tonight for my bridal shower this Saturday. Lots of exciting changes every day during this time in my life!


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