Career Services

Hello! I hope everybody has been enjoying this beautiful fall! Dayton has been quite nice during the season change with a plethora of colors displayed all over campus and throughout the city. During season changes, I always miss my little room in Stuart because I had the most incredible view of campus and the city from my fifth floor room! Oh Stuart...I miss those days. Living in a house is certainly great, but there is nothing like a freshman dorm here at UD. We are so fortunate because none of our dorms are gross and they are just fun. We all have fond attachments to our freshman dorms. Whenever I meet new people on campus, the typical question line-up goes "Where are you from?", "What is your major?", and "Where did you live freshman year?" Typically the friends you make freshman year are your friends throughout school. Also, people tend to live with the same people all four years. My three roommates are all from my floor in Stuart.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about this fantastic service on campus called Career Services. I have never really worked with Career Services before, so yesterday I had my first appointment with a career counselor. All of the different majors on campus are assigned a certain career counselor, so for education I go to Lisa Warren. I was soooo impressed with Lisa and that short 40-minute meeting was the most helpful meeting I have ever had. She had everything prepared for me as a future science teacher all laid out before I even got to her office. She went through and helped me fix-up my resume and gave me a free book for preparing to interview in the field of education. She also showed me how to look for jobs in the areas that I am most interested in (the Miami Valley) and offered plenty of advice for snagging a job. She said that 98% of the education majors got jobs that wanted them in 2011. She does not have the data from 2012 yet, but I am impressed with 2011's data! Anyways, she gave me lots of resources and tips to prepare me for my job search and calmed my nerves of not getting a job. Also, my fiance is going into law enforcement, and Lisa's husband just retired from Dayton Police, so she offered to have the two of them meet up for lunch to help my fiance with his job search! I thought that was extremely kind.

Senior year is a crazy time. It is tough because the realities of life are creeping up fast, and we are all desperately clinging to our college lives. Two of my roommates are engineers, so they already have jobs (one is at GE and another for the Army Corpes of Engineers). My immediate roommate is going to grad school for public health and epidemiology, and I am playing the waiting game! Unfortunately, schools don't hire until the spring and summer, so all I have is a hope and a prayer!

Anyways, enjoy these short four years in college because they fly by faster than you can imagine! Have a great day!