All Moved-In!

After much anticipation, I finally moved into my house on Irving! I got my key and went running across my cute little yard like a little puppy. Move-in actually went quite well especially with my parents helping me get settled in. After a long day of moving in, I had a picnic at Dick and Susan Ferguson’s house for River Stewards. Dick is the director of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, which runs many programs on and off campus such as River Stewards, Neighborhood School Centers, Semester of Service, and Dayton Civic Scholars. Susan Ferguson is a faculty member in the education department. I always enjoy the picnic at their house because there are many people there with really fancy titles such as the provost, but yet we all sit around eating in the grass and playing volleyball.

After the picnic, I went back to my house and began my decorating frenzy. I bought a bunch of colorful paper and cut out different shapes and made designs on the walls. I love decorating and now I have a whole house to decorate!