Ash Wednesday

I definitely had the full Catholic experience today. I have always been Catholic, but I was one of the only Catholics in my high school, so it was not all around me. Today there were so many people with ashes. It was neat to see all the people that had gone to church-- professors included. The Catholic atmosphere was one of the reasons I came here because I always wanted to get to know my own religion better and have friends that understood my faith. My roommate and I went to church together, which was nice.

Today was not as bad as I expected. I woke up today expecting a nightmare, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had three quizzes and feel pretty good about them all. Mid-term time is always really stressful. I am about to embark on an uphill climb of tests, but when I'm done it'll be spring break time!!!!

I am so excited for break, I canhardly stand it! There are a lot of people here that have not been home since Christmas, so I can't complain. I go home every two weeks, so I can't imagine going two months away from home. UD is definitely not a suitcase college. Homework time!