Back at UD

I am back at school now. I am so proud of myself because I drove to Dayton for the first time! I know it's kind of pathetic, but I don't like highways. I love not having a car because then everybody else can drive me here and there. I figured the lack of a car would be a pain, but it really isn't bad. There are always buses to take you when you need it.

It always makes me feel good when I get back because everybody comes running in my room to tell me all the happenings of the weekend. We sit and gossip and what not, but it's fun. The unpacking part is not fun, though. It always takes forever to get everything unloaded and reorganized. Living in two places at once is quite challenging. I think I finally have the system all worked out, but it is still time consuming. I did, however, enjoy watching Cake Boss while I unpacked. It gave me an excuse to watch T.V. Well the homework is not quite finished, so I better get moving. Have a good week!