Back to School

This past week I started back at Stebbins High School again. I was there for a week at the beginning of the semester to get my feet wet and have context for my methods classes, and now I am back for the next five weeks for the first half of the day. I was so excited to get back to school because I have learned a ton of exciting new "teaching tricks" that I want to try out. I also learned a ton about classroom management in the time that I was on campus in my methods courses. When I was there in August, I was clueless about classroom management, but my first day back I had taken 3 pages of notes on classroom management observations alone! Classroom management is probably the hardest aspect of teaching because if I can't control a classroom, then it doesn't matter how great of a teacher I am.

I also have learned so many new strategies and tricks for teaching things while I was gone, so I feel completely ready to transition from assistant/observer to teacher! For the next five weeks, I will be co-teaching with my cooperating teacher and teaching a five day unit. My unit is going to be about cells, so I will let give you more details as I go.

While I was so excited to be back in the classroom again, last week was an adjustment. It was really hard to get up while it was still dark and be at school before campus has even started showing signs of life. It was also tough juggling my biology courses and teaching at the same time. I started my field placement right when I was in the middle of my "test time." Unfortunately, all of my tests always hit about the same time, so I had an anatomy test Friday, genetics of diseases Monday, and entomology Tuesday. I survived that wave of tests, but I was so exhausted by Friday. I am free of tests this week but not for long. So for this week, I want to get lots of sleep and focus on being a great teacher in training!