Baking Cupcakes

Hey, there! I am so busy anymore that I haven't had a chance to get on here! Anyways, I just got back from Campus South, which is student housing with 6 person apartments, and we were making cupcakes!

Tomorrow my River Steward cohort is going to Rusking Elementary School to do after school "river activities" with the kids and help them with their homework, so we are taking them cupcakes. I am really bummed because I can't be there, but it'll be fun! We are demonstrating how an aquifer works, how pollution gets in the water, and a game that teaches kids all about their river systems. When I write out the activities like that they do not sound like fun activities, but they are really cute.

Since I am talking about all of these river things, I feel obligated to give a little plug about Dayton's rivers/water. In case you don't know what an aquifer is, it is pretty much a giant sponge/collection of water underground. Every aquifer is unique and Dayton actually has an amazing aquifer because it replenishes itself. The aquifer that makes up the entire Miami Valley Watershed is sitting on the Buried Valley Aquifer. There is a lot of technical geological things about it, but the moral of the story is our aquifer soaks up rain water and literally has so much water that we could virtually never run out. Dayton is actually promoting this as an asset to companies to come here and use the water because we literally have sooo much of it. Also, we have two rivers and three creeks that run through Dayton, which is pretty amazing, too. Well, that's my river steward plug, but a lot of people that live in the area have no idea how valuable this resource is. Anyways, we are trying to teach kids about the asset that they have been literally living on top of!

I have so much work to do, so I better run! Enjoy this great weather!