Baptism in Georgia


I hope everybody is enjoying their summer so far! My summer has been just flying by!!!! This past weekend I went to Georgia for my cousin's kids's baptism. My cousin and his wife have decided that they would like to return to the Catholic church and have their kids baptized, so my sister and I were the godmothers and two of our cousins were the godfathers. All of that combined meant we had the whole family caravan-ing down to Georgia. We left Friday and drove all day, the baptism was Saturday, and we split the driving between yesterday and today. I know it may sound crazy, but I really enjoyed the trip! I always enjoy seeing my family, and spending time with all the new little-ones in the family! My family is quite blessed to have everybody still living, so my grandparents now have great-grandchildren.

Now that "vacation" is over, it is back to reality which is work and a class that started today. Tomorrow I have a program for my Rivers Institute job with St. Albert's church youth group. We are going to take them out kayaking and do some eco-art with them. I am excited! Last Thursday we had a program with Adventure Central's staff (a nature center for youth), and it was awesome! We had them kayak in the Eastwood lagoon and then do a painting project. I am always so pumped after our programs because I get to share my love for Dayton! I can never tell you enough how much I love my job!

Well, I am going to hang out with one of my friends tonight, so I better go. Have a great night! It's a beautiful evening here in Dayton!