Bio Lab

Good evening! Well I successfully completed none of my goals for today. It is so hard to buckle down and do my homework on Wednesday nights because none of it is due 'til Friday. Today is usually the most exhausting day, but it was actually quite enjoyable. I was slightly sleep deprived due to my failure to go to bed on time, but that's what cappuccino is for! One of my new favorite things is to stop in Kennedy Union after chemistry and get an English toffee cappuccino. It is so convenient because ten minutes is just enough time to go from chemistry to religion and get a cappuccino on the way!

Today exceeded expectations because I got to look at all these cool organisms in biology lab. I expected the lab. to be long and painful, but it was so much fun! We looked at the gills of mushrooms, blood cells affected by malaria, bread mold, algae, amoebas, and such. I am kind of a nerd about stuff like that. We are learning about bacteria and protists in bio. class, so it was cool to actually look at some of these organisms. Well I have to get up bright and early tomorrow, so I better hit the hay! Have a good Thursday!