Birthdays and Gearfest

Good morning, everybody! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

This past week has been full of birthdays! My roommate turned 21 on Thursday and another one of my friends turned 21 yesterday, so we have been having all kinds of birthday festivities. Last night we all went to my friend’s house for her birthday party, which was a lot of fun! I don’t drink and neither does my friend, so it was a lot of fun to have a party that didn’t have alcohol. We played Catch Phrase and Scattergories and had a piƱata!

Also, this weekend was Gearfest here in Dayton at Eastwood Metropark. Gearfest is this huge outdoor extravaganza! Five Rivers Metroparks hosts this big event every fall and I think spring. This year they had the world slackline competition, which was awesome. In case you are wondering what slacklining is, it is people doing tricks on an elastic band strung between two trees. Gearfest also had kayaking, canoeing, tree climbing, bike races, running races, fly fishing, camping, etc. There are tons of great things to do at Gearfest and everything is free!

I have homework coming out my ears, so I better run! Have a great week!