Blue Gold and Sustainability

Hey, there! I survived a long week and ended it with a great weekend! I had an organic chem. test on Tuesday and a physics test on Thursday, so I had my nose in the books all week. Thankfully, Friday was great day to kick off my weekend.

I started Friday off by going to Cleveland Elementary school (a Dayton public school that is part of the neighborhood school centers) and working with 5-8th graders in garden club. We were making stepping stones out for their future garden. I love being around kids. I really enjoy just watching them learn things and just seeing the way they interact with eachother.

Friday afternoon was also great! During River Stewards mini-course we watched the movie Blue Gold, which discussed a lot of issues pertaining to the future problems involving fresh water. I am not a fan of doomsday sort of things, but I do see it as important for people to realize the long-term impact of mismanagement of vital resources such as fresh water. I am particularly passionate about bottled water, and the rest of my River Steward cohort is, as well, so we actually started planning a major project that will educate people about the ecological, economic, environmental, and unsustainable practices of bottling water. I am really excited about the project because I am about as serious about bottled water as I am about breathing. I know this is not the time or place to go preaching about environmental issues, but being a UD student makes it quite impossible to ignore serious issues like this because it is such a focus here to work toward sustainability.

I lived in the Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment (SEE) living learning community last year, so I get emails about sustainable events on campus and various other things. I also lived with a lot of people that were also very passionate about the environment, so it has become a major aspect of my experience here at UD. Some of my fellow river stewards are living in stustainability houses here on campus. They are really excited because they have all these ideas for sustainable living such as composting, growing their own vegetables, and all kinds of stuff.

Welp, do your research on bottled water and decide for yourself what you think! Have a great day!