Bucket List

Hello all! Today was a great day, as usual. I had not been to the 2nd Street Market yet this semester, so my roommate and I made the trip. I have talked about 2nd Street Market before, but in case you forgot, it is an AWESOME place!

2nd Street Market has fresh produce, bread, pies, cheese, meat, etc. It also has a handful of vendors that serve food such as crepes, Mediterranean, Thai, American, and whatnot. There are also a bunch of vendors selling their art or various other goodies such as products made from all recycled stuff. If you have never been, you are really missing out. My roommate and I hope to start going more regularly. I got a whole grocery bag of vegetables for $4.75! I also got a bunch of Christmas presents for my family.

After 2nd Street Market, I wanted to go to another one of my favorite places in Dayton, Wegerzyn Gardens. My roommate has never been to Wegerzyn Gardens before, so then we definitely had to go. I have been there several times and each time was during a different season, so it looks different each time. Obviously, it is not nearly as beautiful now since the plants are dormant, but it still was really neat and relaxing. Wegerzyn Gardens has a huge sculpture made from tree saplings, a wetland tour, gardens, and a prairie. Every time I go to Wegerzyn, I have to remind myself that I am in Dayton, Ohio because it looks like something you would find in Disney World or something.

After seeing all sorts of cool aspects of Dayton, my roommate and I decided that it was time we make a bucket list of all the things we want to do before we graduate! We both made a list and put them on the wall, so we will be reminded to go out and explore!

We finished up our day with family dinner that I made from my market vegetables! Have a great week!