Canoe trip and Improv.

Hello, there! I have been so busy, as usual, that I completely forgot to blog! Anyway, this semester is definitely keeping me hopping. I feel like I have no time to take a break, but I am still thoroughly enjoying it!

I have been working every chance I get except Friday nights. Friday nights are my night to just relax. Last Friday I went to an On the Fly performance, the improv. group on campus, and as always it was fantastic! I found to be this show exceptionally hilarious because they were mocking UD. They also made a whole skit based on pizza places, so it was La Rosa’s versus Papa John’s or something, so they were like mobsters fighting over the secret recipe. I guess you had to be there, but it was good.

Saturday four of us River Stews went down to Camp Whip-Poor-Will (terrible name) to teach a group of Girl Scouts how to canoe. We don’t canoe typically, but we did a pretty good job pretending like we did! It was a beautiful day and we had fun, so it was a nice escape from the typical studying.

The rest of my weekend and this week have been completely consumed in studying. As for tonight, I have a four-page paper due and I am yet to begin, so I better go! Have a great night!