Catholic International Business Conference

Happy Monday! I can only say happy Monday because I am blessed enough to have an awesome job this summer. This weekend I was reflecting on the events of last week, and I am further convinced that I have the best job in the world!

I honestly don't think that I have two days even remotely close to being the same. The first part of last week UD was hosting an international Catholic business conference. I cannot accurately explain to you exactly what it was all about, but I was a student worker for the conference, which meant I made sure all of the participants knew where they were going, how to get Internet, and whatnot. I got to sit in on some of the sessions, and I learned a ton!

I listened to a priest give a talk about the importance of business in the sustainability movement. He said things similar to Dr. David Suzuki when he visited, which was basically that you can't have an economy without an environment. I also learned a lot more about business, which is something I know basically nothing about. In the academic realm, people are quick to say that business is just out to make money and neglect that business serves more purposes than that such as providing resources to people. Many of the speakers mentioned how businesses are responsible for fulfilling the needs of society. I really liked this new perspective because many people are developing the notion that only the government can provide for people's needs when really business used to fulfill that purpose. Anyways, that discussion can go round and round and get very political.

Another cool thing about the conference was talking to people from all over the world! We had people from every continent!!! As I have said many times, I didn't grow up in a Catholic community, so I am still new to the world network among Catholics, so it was really cool to meet all of these people from all over the world that are Catholic. I was also impressed with how nice everybody was because travelling can always be stressful, but everybody was super kind and patient.