Checking things off my list

Good evening! I hope everybody is having a good start to their week! My week started off with a human anatomy exam, so it could be better, but it could have been worse. I really just hate having Monday tests because I feel like they are the hardest to prepare for and make the week seem long. I studied most of Saturday and as much as I could yesterday, but I can only take so much anatomy at a time. By about midnight last night I knew my brain was maxed out, so I went to bed, got up at 7:00 and studied a few more hours. From 10:00 to 12:00 I had an education seminar about one of the Praxis tests, which are the tests you have to take to get a teaching license. After my seminar I scurried back to my house to eat lunch, study a bit more and then off to the test. I don't think I did badly on it, but I also don't feel like I got an A. I had my genetics of human diseases class after anatomy, so when I got home I was ready to give my brain a break. I went for an hour walk through the beautiful Oakwood neighborhood, and now I am attempting to focus to study for my genetics test Wednesday. If you haven't realized yet, tests in college tend to all come at once...

On another note, I emailed the dean of the college of arts and sciences this weekend to verify that I will have completed all of my biology requirements after this semester, and he responded first thing this morning and already updated my record! I was very impressed with Dr. Erdei and his response! I was also overjoyed to see the words, "Good Work," at the end of his email. It seems like it was just last month that I was sitting in his office laying the framework for my dual degree program. It has definitely been a fast three years!

Enjoy the nice evening rain!