Chocolate Fountain Cure

I drove to UD for the second time. My mom has decided I should drive with her so I am prepared for next year. It really isn't a bad drive. I am really glad I chose to go to school only an hour from home. It's far enough but not too far. I think college is only as far as you want it to be. You could be three hours away and come home every weekend or an hour away and never come home.

I am feeling quite guilty because I did not go to church. I was going to go to 8:00 mass, but I thought my head was going to explode, so I decided not to go. I am justifying it by saying I will go to mass on Ash Wednesday. However, my headach magically went away when I went to dinner, and I have a hunch it was a chocolate cure. VWK had a chocolate fountain, so I had a whole plate of chocolate covered strawberries and my headache disappeared! I love the specialty days in the cafeteria. As always, my homework is calling me. Have a great week!