Day 1 of Cell Unit

Hi! I believe winter is upon us. I am sitting here in my house absolutely freezing. My house on campus has a half story that serves as the second floor, so we really struggle to keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I sleep with my heated blanket on high every night with a sweatshirt, flannel pants, and fuzzy socks, and then I fear the morning when I have to crawl out of my little "den."

Anyways, this week I am teaching a five-day unit on cells in one of my biology classes. Up to this point, I have been co-teaching and doing a little bit of teaching, but I have never planned my own lesson plans for class yet. I have been slaving away on this unit for the past week and I feel completely unprepared for the rest of the week. Today went swimmingly, though! I have to video-tape myself teaching one lesson this fall, so I taped myself teaching today, and it went great! I have a great group of students in my second period class, so it was a safe choice. We learned all about the scientists who historically contributed to the cell theory in biology. I was all excited because I made these cute little tombstones (touch of Halloween) for each of the scientists. I put a little paragraph about that person's research and a bunch of pictures to display their research. The students then had to become an "expert" on one scientist, and go back to teach their group about that one scientist. This method is called jigsaw and encourages all of the students to do the work because they are each responsible for something. After the students learned about each of the scientists, they had to devise the three principles of the cell theory based on the scientists' findings. I was completely shocked that most of the students got two of the three principles on their own! I hope they actually enjoyed the activity and learned something.

I enjoyed seeing them carry out the plans that I had been working on forever. It is such an awesome feeling to see the planning come to life. It is also exciting to see the students actually discover the knowledge! I hope I have the same success tomorrow. As for today, I have anatomy at 2:00 and genetics of disease at 3:00. Have a great Monday!