Dayton Excursions Over Break

Hello, all! I am finally back in action! I have been having issues with the blogging site for the past semester, so I did not post as much as I would like, but now I am back with lots to share! As you probably already know, UD has been off for the past month for the holidays. My break was not overly exciting, but I reallllly enjoyed it. I suppose I will just hit the highlights of my break to save you from boredom. I actually spent much of my time doing cool things in Dayton! I went to see The Nutcracker at the Schuster Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Musuem, and the Dayton Art Institute. I won two tickets to see The Nutcracker from, so I took my mom as my guest and we had a great time! The ballet was incredible, of course, but we also had lunch and did some shopping at 2nd Street Market, checked out the Children's Art Museum downtown, and did some shopping in Beavercreek (a suburb of Dayton). My whole family went to the Air Force Museum, which is unbelievable! I had been there when I was a in middle school, but I didn't appreciate it much then; this time I was completely fascinated with all of the massive planes and whatnot. They also have a room full of missiles, which isn't something you see everyday. Lastly, the Dayton Art Institute was my last hurrah before coming back to school. My grandma had been wanting to go see the Norman Rockwell exhibit there for several months, so we finally went. I HIGHLY recommend going to the exhibit if you can. I have always liked Norman Rockwell's paintings, but seeing the originals on canvas is just incredible! He was a magnificent artist, and I loved the way he could portray American life. It is really something to see. The last highlight of my break was my tree tour! As you may know, I am a tour guide at a caverns, and this winter I decided to create a tree tour of the caverns park! I took a plant diversity and ecology class last semester where I learned how to identify about 60 different trees. After that class, I have become obsessed with identifying plants! Anyways, I decided to make my skill worth something and create a 20 tree, self-guided tour. I actually completed the whole thing, so all that is left is printing the brochures! I am really excited about this project because I think it is something people will really enjoy, and it will hopefully support the caverns' business. Welp, that is the past month of my life in a nutshell!