Dayton won Bronze!

Hello, friends! In case you didn't know, Dayton IS the BEST city! Tonight I went for an awesome bike ride from campus down to Riverscape Metropark in downtown, then back to Carrilon park, and then to campus! I have never just gone for a ride by myself, but I seriously loved it! I enjoyed just going as fast or slow as I wanted, stopping to take pictures when I wanted, etc. Most of my ride was along the Great Miami River, so there was tons of picture taking to be done-- the sun was setting, the birds were flying, and the water was sparkling! I also managed to catch the fountains going off at Riverscape, which is always a treat. It is so strange to me how, I could go downstairs in Marycrest, get my bike out of the bike storage room, and be down to the river in about 10 minutes. It is so easy to go down to run, walk, or bike along the path. Dayton is a bronze rated biking city with over 300 miles of bike path!

So the bike trip was the end of my day, but the beginning of my day was just as good. I was home for the weekend, so I came back to campus this morning just in time to go to my favorite noon mass at Holy Angels. My mom came down to join me, and we had lunch at Milano's after church. Just fyi, Milano's has super good BBQ chicken pizza! After Mom left, I came back to my room, took a nap, did some homework, and then went for my bike ride!

I really hope I can live in Dayton after I graduate, but we shall see what life sends my way. Have a great night!