Dr. David Suzuki and Wright Brother's Mansion

Good evening! This week has been absolutely crazy! Monday I had lunch with Dr. David Suzuki and attended his speech Monday night. David Suzuki is one of the world's leaders in environmental education. He is a Japanese-Canadian who actually spent some time in a concentration camp, so he is also very active in human rights issues. He gave an incredible talk about the bottom line in life. He essentially explained how everybody is convinced that the economy is the bottom line and that the economy controls everything even though it is a human creation. He said that the real bottom line is the environment because the economy wouldn't exist if people couldn't live, and people can't live without the environment. My summary does not do this wonderful speech justice, so you should read some of his books. He is awesome! It was also cool to be offered the chance to have lunch with him. He is a very down-to-Earth guy and means what he says. On a less happy note, I had a microbiology exam today that completely beat me up. I had been studying for this test since last Saturday, but for some reason I studied all of the wrong things. I came home upset, so my roommate and I went for a walk through Oakwood. While on our venture, I remembered that the Wright brother's had a mansion in Oakwood, and I wanted to find it. We looked up the address and managed to navigate ourselves to the house. It was absolutely beautiful! I don't know if people currently live there or not, but it is a stunning house and worth the walk. Here is a link to a website with information about it. http://www.daytonhistory.org/destinations/hawthorn-hill.htm After our walk my housemates and I went to Panera and enjoyed dinner on our front porch. I really enjoyed tonight because I have studied nonstop for weeks! Have a great Friday!