Drew Woods Field Sampling

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was good. Yesterday was my birthday, so my family came down and took me out to dinner, and we saw The Lorax! I absolutely loved that movie! Anyways, today I had my first day of field sampling for a research project that I am part of. Dr. Ryan McEwan (professor), Dr. Albert Burky (professor), Julia Chapman (masters student), and I went to Drew Woods state preserve in Greeneville, Ohio to sample the herb layer, which is all of the little non-woody plants on the forest floor. I had a great time, and I learned a lot of new plants! It is also really fun to get out and learn things in the field. I also enjoy getting to know professors better during the car ride. We left UD about 8 AM and got back about 5 PM, so I had some quality time with some very intelligent and fun people! After the sampling,I went to the open-lab session for my comparative anatomy lab quiz tomorrow. I have to admit, I would much rather learn plants than study the anatomy of a cat. After studying the cat, I went to church at the chapel, and biked home. It has been a long, exhausting day, but I enjoyed all of it! Unfortunately, I have to study all of the cat muscles and organs for tomorrow. Have a great Monday!