Ecology Research and Garden Club (New Experiences 2&3)

Hello, again! The next new experience I had last week was research! I have been interested in getting involved in research for quite some time, but I hadn't found something that I was super interested in until this semester. This semester I have been taking an ecology class, and I absolutely love love love it! I cannot tell you enough how much I love ecology! Anyways, I figured if I love it that much, I should get involved in research, so I met with my professor, and he said I can try it out this semester and see if I like it. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I am meeting with one of his graduate students to learn more about the projects they do and what I can get involved in. For now, I am doing mostly the weekend events, but I am still super excited!

Another new thing I did last week was garden club! I went to Cleveland School (a Dayton Public School that is part of the Neighborhood School Center) Friday morning to help out with their garden club. I have always loved gardening, so I thought it could be fun to get involved in this group to hopefully inspire other kids to garden. The students are 5th-8th graders, so I think it would be really successful. Friday morning was my first time to go and since it was super cold, we made vegetable and fruit pizzas, which was fun. I am really excited to get involved in that project. I think it is great for many reasons because the students can take ownership for something they have done well and it also teaches them good life skills.

Welp, have a great day!