Fall Break

Whew....I survived the first half of this crazy semester! Fall break at UD officially started after class on Wednesday, but I am still taking organic chemistry at Sinclair, so I didn’t leave ‘til 10:00 Thursday night after organic.

Yesterday I went to the Columbus Zoo with my boyfriend, and we had a fantastic time!!! The Columbus Zoo has an arctic exhibit, and we got to see the polar bears swimming! The polar bear exhibit has a glass dome that protrudes into the bears’ water, so they can actually swim around you. It was awesome! We also saw the gibbons doing some crazy call. The gibbons would inflate their neck like a frog and yell and scream! It was a blast!

My fall break is quite short, but it was just what I needed to get me back in gear and ready to keep on going. I absolutely love this semester but I am incredibly busy!

Have a great night!