Fresh Start to a New Semester

I have just begun my second semester of freshman year and am really enjoying it. I think IÆm in for a great semester. I am taking biology 152 and lab, chemistry 124 and lab, general religion 103, education 110 and lab, concert band, and a few short courses later. I spent a great deal of time working out a schedule for this semester and it definitely paid off. I scheduled all of my courses before 4PM, so I have the evenings free. I am particularly excited for my education course. We are learning about different teaching styles, how schools are run, how to use modern technology in the classroom, etc. One would assume that theyÆve watched enough teachers over the years to understand the art of teaching, but there is definitely a lot more to it than I realized. I am very excited for the education lab because I will be able to go to local schools and observe a class; this is one of the benefits of going to UD. It is not common to have field experience your first year of school.

Today has not been a particularly exciting day, but a good day nonetheless. I was done with class early, so I had plenty of time to get things done tonight. I went to the RecPlex right after class, and now I am doing laundry, which is actually quite enjoyable. While I do laundry, I sit in the lounge of Stuart and do homework. There is a beautiful view of campus from the lounge that makes living on a huge hill worth it. The whole room is full of windows that overlook all of the city lights. ItÆs also nice and quiet here, so itÆs a good study spot. Well, our floor is going to be having a gift exchange soon so I better head back up.