Well, here I am sitting in my bed on a Friday night. I am feeling quite pitiful, but my throat is so sore I have no energy to do anything. I hear techno music upstairs, so the rest of the world is alive and alert, but I am definitely not. It's test time, so sickness is always bound to happen. When you go to college, vitamins are a must. I prefer the Disney princess ones, but then I eat too many because they taste good.

I have not been entirely lame today. This afternoon my friends and I watched Trading Spouses and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you asked me a year ago if I could go two weeks without watching T.V., I would say I never could, but now I never watchT.V. College definitely changes your priorities. We also colored in coloring books. It was fun to just relax after a hard week. Friday afternoons are the best time because I have the time to just relax.

Well, I am going to go continue to be lame! Have a good weekend!