Full Speed Ahead

Hello, there! Sorry for my lack of blogs lately. My life has been full speed ahead since finals week. Finals week was not too bad, but it got pretty rough toward the end. I had a final and a project due at noon on Friday and a 10-page philosophy paper due at 5:00 on Friday, so my Thursday night was a little rough. It is such a tough spot to be in at the end of finals week because I was stressing majorly about all my assignments due and I was also trying to pack up to move out all while trying to spend at least a little time with my friends before I left. In the end, everything got done and turned in and I only shed a few tears leaving VWK, so I have another year under my belt.

I still don't feel like my sophomore year is over because I am still taking organic chem. at Sinclair, but I am officially a junior at UD! I am really excited for next year because I get to take pretty much only classes that I want to take and all of the yucky stuff is done. I am so excited because I am actually done with math for the rest of my life!!!! When I went to take my physics final I was really nervous, but I was also excited because I was about to take my last math test ever.

Anyways, I have been ridiculously busy these past few weeks. I had last weekend off, but I spent most of it doing organic homework and unpacking, and then I started work on Monday. I work 4-5 days a week at the caverns (my summer job), go to Sinclair 2 days a week, and work in Dr. McEwan's lab. 1 day a week. I am really busy, but so far my summer has been great! I have really enjoyed being back at work, and it is nice to be home.

Welp, I have a lot of organic to study, so I better hop to it! Have a great night!