Get my tan on!

Good evening! I just had a surprisingly fantastic day! I swear nothing can be bad on a beautiful day like today!

This morning I got up and did some homework and then went to church. After mass, I stopped at the Emporium (Empo) and got a sandwich, which was great. I had to hurry and eat and then head to a meeting for Academic Engagement Ambassadors (AEA) for next year's new student orientation (NSO). I was an AEA this year for NSO and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to do it again. I am really excited for next year's orientation! They improve orientation every year and just since I have been here it has gotten exponentially better.

After my meeting, I hurried back to my room to pack up and study outside. It was so nice because my friends and I all sat on Stuart hill and studied while enjoying the beautiful day! While I was outside, I saw a girl from back home walking down the hill and she was here visiting because she decided to come here next fall! I am so excited! I obviously jumped on the opportunity to show somebody around campus and tell them all about UD!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day because studying o. chem is much less painful on a sunny day. Enjoy your evening!