Goal Setting!

Hello. So I decided today is the day to set goals and accomplish them. It's so easy to let things go and procrastinate, but no more! I have a goal to go to the recplex at 8:00, and I intend to make that goal. It's hard to juggle sleep, homework, and health, but I've decided exercise is good and should be a priority. I always like exercising, but I have a hard time taking the time to do it. I am hoping to make a pact with my friend to go to the rec together. It's always easier when somebody holds you accountable. She and I also have a pact to go to bed before 1 AM every night. She's really good at keeping that goal; however, I am not so good. So today's goals: go to bed before 1, go to the rec. at 8, do chem. homework, and do bio. lab. homework. College definitely forces you to become an expert at time management.

Today I had my education class, and we watched a video scenario of a classroom. We watched a teacher's interactions with a problematic student and critiqued the teacher's methods and practices. I am learning so much in that class. I have officially decided I want to be a teacher without a doubt. Now I'm just trying to decide whether I want to be a double major with biology and education or if I want to major in education with a concentration in biology. There are so many options for my career path it makes my head spin. Thankfully, I have a wonderful education teacher who is willing to meet with me and help me discern which path is right for me. Have a good night and set some goals! :)