Good Bye Marycrest

Hello, all! 

I am writing you my very last blog post (most likely) from Marycrest. I received an email last week saying that my house on campus is ready for move in, so I am hopping, skipping, and jumping all over that opportunity. Marycrest and I have shared some good times, but I am sooo ready to have my house back! I can't wait to have my own bathroom, kitchen, and washer and dryer (without having to pay)! It was really challenging to live in a dorm after having lived in a house on campus, but I made the most of it. The biggest thing was not having a kitchen because only Barrett dining hall is open this summer, and I really hate spending the money buying food. I managed to make a lot of food in my room, but it required some creativity.

The next few days have some exciting events! Today the Rivers Institute is taking the Peru and Argentina high schoolers out for a bike trip or a kayak trip. Tomorrow the Rivers Institute is taking (drum roll) Dr. Dan Curran and his crew out kayaking! We have been trying to get Dr. Dan out to paddle for several years and this year is the year! In case you didn't know, Dr. Curran is the president of UD. Anyways, I am praying for a beautiful day tomorrow, so the paddle is a success! Tomorrow night I will be moving into my house, and then some friends from home are coming up to stay with me for the weekend. We are hoping to go to the Celtic Festival at Riverscape and 2nd Street Market. My friends have not been to Dayton for many years, so I have to do it up right and make them fall in love with this great city! Last but certainly not least, I am so pumped for the Olympics! That is the end of my list of events for the next few days. Have a great day!