Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good evening!!! Today was an absolutely fantastic day! I went to class this morning, came back to my room, and found all kinds of wonderful emails!

First off, I got a message from my boss at the caverns, my summer job, and he is allowing me to take my family vacation this summer! I was soooo excited that I literally was jumping up and down in my room. After that message, he sent me another message asking me if I would be interested in working in both the gift shop and the caverns, which I was pretty excited about as well.

Secondly, I received a phone call from Joanne Troha, who is in charge of the Neighborhood School Centers volunteers, and she confirmed that I can volunteer at Cleveland School this spring! I have been anxiously awaiting this call for several weeks now. I suppose this needs some explanation. The Neighborhood School Centers are all Dayton Public Schools that are part of a special program that is designed to reunite Dayton with their schools, so people turn to the school as a hub of the community, and Cleveland School is one of these centers. I am really, really excited to start up this program. I volunteered to do a garden program and a recycling program, so we shall see what we end up doing!

Lastly, I got my physics test back and I did exponentially better than I did last time, so I was ecstatic!

I am not a drinker, so I did not participate in the St. Patty's day activities, but those that did, were not disappointed from what I can see. My roommate and I went for an hour walk through Oakwood (a very nice neighborhood next to UD), and the student neighborhood was just lined with green! It looked pretty cool actually. My roommate and I really enjoyed our walk because it is a beautiful day, and there are so many fantastic houses in that neighborhood! There are castles!

Welp, have a great day!