High School vs. College and Buddha vs. Jesus

"Hello. Today was a beautiful day! It had been so dreary forever I was about to lose it! Today was my long day, so it's nice to sit and take a load off. I scheduled classes for this semester on Monday and Wednesday to be from 9-3 straight, and I can't decide if I like it or not. Last semester I had breaks throughout the day, and it made it easier to get homework done because nobody would be in the dorm. It was also nice for a quick power nap. The down side to breaks is all the extra walking. I wasted a lot of time just walking to and fro, so I thought I would maximize my time by scheduling this semester to just get it all over with. I thought it would be great, but I'm finding out it isn't always. It is nice to be done by 3 but I am exhausted. In high school, it was no big deal to go from 8-3, but college is a lot more work. Every class requires 100% effort and attention. I suppose there are ups and downs to both kinds of schedules, and it just depends on the kind of student you are.

So today I had a very interesting religion class. I am in the general religion 103, so we were discussing Buddhism. My professor was relating the practices in Buddhism to the practices in Christianity. For example: Buddha means ""Enlightened One"" just as Christ means ""Savior"". Both Buddha and Christ are terms used to confess to Siddhartha (Buddha) or Jesus (Christ). He also made a parallel between the emphasis on suffering in Buddhism and the emphasis on suffering in Christianity. I really enjoy that class because the professor draws parallels I would not have picked up on my own. I have learned about other religions my whole life but always viewed them as entirely different from my own. I am learning that there are similar principles between the major, world religions.

Have a good evening!"