Hit the deck!

Hello! I hope everybody is enjoying the sudden change in seasons! It has become full-blown fall here in Dayton, so let the sweatshirt weather commence!

Today was just a typical day with not a lot of excitement except for my education class. I came into my EDT 459 class at 8:00AM this morning, and all of the sudden the students presenting had a sound clip of gunshots and started yelling at us all to get under our desks! I was not quite awake and had not had my coffee yet, so I was just about as confused as they come. The students presenting started asking us questions while we were under our desks, so their presentation was on strategies for asking questions. It was definitely an exciting way to start class.

After my reading and writing class, I went and worked on my research project with the grad. student I work with, Julia Chapman. We worked on writing the materials and methods portion of our paper that will hopefully be published. We also uploaded all of the temperature data that has been recording in the field site all summer, and made some data tables. My research is basically just in the writing stages at this point. I don't know that I mentioned this before, but my research started as just something to do, but now I am actually going to get a lab credit hour in replacement of one of my upper level biology lab credits.

Well, tonight I had entomology where we learned about moths, scorpionflies, alderflies, and many others. After entomology I came home to a chicken pot pie and apple crisp fresh out of the oven for family dinner! We had one of our friends over to join us tonight, too. Overall, it has been a great day!