Housing Assignment and Such

I am so excited because I got my housing assignment for next year! I am living in the Virginia W. Kettering suites with three other girls. I also have four of my friends living in the suite next to us. Everything worked out perfectly! I was in the honors housing lottery, so we had the first pick of the housing options, which is a great bonus to being an honors student. I expected honors to be really hard, but I like being in honors. I have my general classes with a lot of the same people, so I can make friends. If you are not an honors student, you have a similar thing with a living learning community (LLC). I chose an honors living learning community, and I really like it. My LLC is Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment. We are all honors students and live on the same floor. We took the same general education classes the first semester with an environmental twist to them. I enjoyed the environmental part because we were able to discuss topics and write about things relevant to the environment, which is something I find interesting.

I came home for the weekend, and I miss school. I keep wondering what the girls are doing tonight. I am having a good time at home, but I can't help but think about everybody at UD. I went to Ohio Caverns today, and it was awesome! I haven't been there since I was in second grade. I worked out at the YMCA with my mom today, and definitely missed the RecPlex at UD. The equipment is nicer and the atmosphere is definitely better. Welp I will be back to UD tomorrow!