I am Free!!!!

Tonight has been a fantastic night! I just got my final grade for organic chemistry, and I am officially done!!!! I will never have to take chemistry ever again!!!! I am absolutely elated right now!

If you haven’t read my previous blogs, you are probably confused because UD is on semesters. I took the first semester of organic chemistry at UD and really struggled, and then I took quarters two and three at Sinclair to replace my second semester at UD. I really, really struggle in chemistry, so Sinclair worked for me because it was a class of about ten students, and went at a slower pace. In hindsight, I am not positive I would take that route again because it took me so much longer to finish organic than if I would have just taken the second semester at UD.

Regardless of what route you take for organic, you will probably have some serious ups and downs. Organic is a very hard class that doesn’t come naturally to most people, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing a degree that requires it. I was considering switching majors because I was too scared to take it, but I survived! I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that I took on the challenge and successfully completed it. You honestly could not find somebody that hated chemistry more than I, but I made it. Take on the challenge because you can do it!

Have a great night!