I'm not ready to graduate

Greetings! I hope everybody had a great week! My week has been a bit of a struggle because this ailment has yet to leave me alone. I am definitely not the only one sick because one of my roommates came back with the same thing. Anyways, this semester is quickly slipping away and the realities of senior year are inching closer and closer. I am still a junior, but I am feeling the pressure already. I am currently taking Bio 420, which is senior seminar. I think I have mentioned this class before, but I think it is a unique opportunity here at UD to have that kind of support to prepare you for your future. The class is devoted completely to preparing you for your future. Everybody does a presentation on a scientific paper to help improve your presentation skills. Also, you submit your resume and have it critiqued. The best part of the class is having a contact that is there solely to help you prepare for post graduation. This week, Dr. Rowe went around the room and asked each of us what our plans are for the future and offered assistance for anybody that needed it. He also provided contacts for anybody going to graduate school if he knew people at the school. It is just a one credit hour class, but I think it is really helpful. So this week when everybody shared what they were doing, I started getting a little freaked out about the idea of graduating. I heard so many awesome plans people have and I worry that I will graduate and have no plans. Just to give you an idea of what some UD biology majors are doing after they graduate, in my small seminar class we had people going to podiatry school, grad school for public health, work for the EPA, and medical school. I am taking senior seminar now because of my student teaching next year, in case you were confused. Anyways, future plans are stressful!