In the Groove

Hello, there! This weekend was fantastic! I feel like I am finally back in the groove of a typical fall weekend. Friday night I went to the women’s volleyball game and then the men’s soccer game, which we won! I love soccer games, and this one was especially exciting! There were a lot of yellow and red cards given because the other team was very argumentative. One of the other team’s players actually punched the roof of their little bench cover thing (I don’t know what it’s called). I love to watch the other team’s coaches and players because it seems like more often than not, they are throwing a tantrum about something. It is quite impressive the amount of sportsmanship and class UD athletes have. I have never seen our coaches throw a fit, and the rare instances our players do, the coach diffuse the situation well. Anyways, Saturday I watched part of the football game, too. It was a great weekend for Red Scare! Red Scare is UD’s student spirit group.

While I loved all of the sports this weekend, I really loved going to Mass. I usually go to Holy Angel’s contemporary Mass, and boy did I miss it this summer. They have really good music and the priest always gives a good homily. I have also enjoyed going to Mass with my roommate.

Welp, have a great night!