Invertebrate Zoology

Hello! I hope everybody had a great day! I love this time of year when all of the flowering trees are out and the bulbs are all blooming! While I was making dinner tonight, I just stood in the kitchen window and admired the flowering redbud tree in my yard and enjoyed the lilac smell coming from the lilac bushes. Well, that's enough about the weather--let's talk about invertebrates! I always look forward to my invertebrate zoology lecture and especially the lab. Dr. Albert Burky is my professor, and he is incredible! He has been at UD since the early 70s and has become a master teacher, in my opinion. He teaches the old-fashioned way by just using chalk boards and hand-written notes, but I find that to be far more effective than PowerPoint. I understand that everybody learns differently, but I find that I am far more engaged with just chalk board lectures than PowerPoints. Dr. Burky is also one of those professors/teachers that I just want to constantly learn more from, and he loves sharing all of his stories and knowledge, so it works out! So for today's invertebrate lab, we examined a live horse-shoe crab, a crayfish, star fish, and sea urchins! I absolutely loved every minute of it! We also made a permanent slide of a spider chelicera, mouth structures. It is really rare to have a lab that uses so many live specimens. I am really sad that this lab is almost over because I have seen and learned a lot of really cool things! Have a great night!