It's Blizzarding!!!!

Hello! It is snowing and blowing like crazy here in Dayton! I am not complaining, though, because we got out of classes at 1:30 today. Snow days do still exist in college! I was really excited. I'm still a little greedy and hoping for tomorrow off, too. I just can't get over how much snow we've gotten.

I feel like I should go sledding, but I am all too comfortable in my room with the heat blasting. There were so many people sledding it was ridiculous. I had my share of winter excursions this morning on my way to class. The paths had not been cleared yet so I was trekking though the all the snow. Surprisingly, I got to class earlier than normal. Even though I live the furthest away, it still takes only ten minutes to get there, which isn't bad. All the people in Founders and Marycrest are just spoiled.

Well, my homework is calling my name, so I better get moving. Hope for a snow day!