It's Wednesday?

Hello, all! I hope everybody is having a great week! I titled this entry, "It's Wednesday?" because I have been so busy lately that I just realized it is Wednesday and the day is almost over! I am pretty sure that I didn't realize it was Wednesday because I didn't get enough sleep to feel as though Tuesday ever ended but such is life. Anyways, today I had a paper due at 10:00 AM for my philosophy of education class, and I was still working on it at 9:30 AM! Believe it or not, I actually didn't procrastinate to write the paper, which is even more frustrating! I am very particular about papers, so I literally sit and rewrite and rework a paper up until the very last minute. After frantically submitting my paper, I had to scurry off to my crazy day! Today I had philosophy of American education at 10:00, senior seminar (a class designed to prepare biology majors for post-graduation life)at 11:00, a meeting that I forgot at 12:00, invertebrate zoology lab from 1-4, and a presentation for the Rivers Institute at 4:15! I started the day off a not-so-happy camper, but I really enjoyed giving the presentation tonight, so I came home a happy camper. The presentation I gave was at the old NCR building, which is now UD's River Campus. The presentation was for people from Osher- Life Long Learning Institute, which is a group of people basically on a quest for knowledge. The presentation was all about Dayton and it's water during post-industrial times until now. It is always fun to brag about the water resources we are blessed with here in Dayton! Welp, I hope I didn't bore you too much with the mundane details of my life, but you may be curious what just a typical day is like. Have a great night!