Life Lessons in Entomology

Hi! I realized that almost never ever mention my entomology class/ I may have never mentioned I am taking entomology. Well anyways, I am taking entomology Tuesday and Thursday evenings, which is why I tend to forget it. I also tend to forget it because the teacher makes class fun and enjoyable while learning a lot, so it doesn't feel like class. The professor is Dr. Paul Stull who is actually a veterinarian and entomologist who has some fancy job through the state as well (I don't remember what it is). He is insanely smart and cares sooo much about his students! Today I asked Dr. Stull a question after class and he talked to me about everything from butterflies to his grandkids for over 20 minutes, and I loved it! I love hearing stories and experiences from people that have lived a good life and have knowledge to share. Anyways, today in class we were learning all about honey bees, which is completely fascinating! I learned that the male bees (drones) develop through unfertilized eggs and the female bees develop through fertilized eggs. I also learned that the queen bee is fed a special mixture produced by the other bees to make her the queen bee starting as a baby bee! I find those kinds of facts fascinating.

After entomology I scurried home on my bike because my roommates were waiting on me to have "family dinner." My house has the tradition of having at least one meal together every week, so we take turns making dinner. Tonight one of my roommates made Mexican lasagna, which was really good! I love family dinner because we get to try different foods and the conversation is usually hysterical! Have a great night!