Little Sibs Part I

Good evening! I am writing to you as one very exhausted, big sib. A lot of fun things have happened this weekend, so I am going to start from Friday!

Friday, I had class most of the day, as always, but for River Stewards we took a field trip to the drinking water treatmant plant. I actually find the waste water treatment plant to be slightly more interesting, but neither are overly interesting. After River Stewards, I had to go pick my sister up from the air port. She has not been home since October, so I was really excited to see her! She and I went home Friday night, and then Saturday morning I brought my little brother back to school with me.

I was so torn over this weekend because it was nice to be home with everyboyd there, but I was also really excited to have my little brother come to campus with me. I compromised by staying home just one night. It was nice because we all had breakfast together before my brother and I left.

We got to campus about 1, which worked out nicely because the majority of the events lasted until 4. My brother was treated to a UD waffle before heading off to start all the festivities. He literally had a waffle that had "UD" on it. Anyways, we quickly hurried down to the RecPlex to do the inflatables. They had an obstacle course, a bounce house, a defender dome, and one where you ran with a bungee cord attached to you. I realized that I am not a kid like I used to be because I was exhausted after two hours of those things! We had a great time, but boy is it tiring.

Afte the inflatable we did the rock climbing wall in the Rec. I can officially check the rock climbing wall off of my list! My brother and I were both exhausted, after all of that so we headed back to my room to relax and have dinner, which basically meant that I needed a nap.

To be continued...