Little Sibs Year 3

Good evening! This weekend was little sibs weekend, so I am sitting here missing my little brother.... We had an awesome time! The Campus Activities Board planned out a lot of great activities for the entire weekend. Yesterday, my brother and I watched an On the Fly improv show, played Battleship in the Hangar, went to the "Cowboy Carnival" in the rec, and went to a hypnotist show. The carnival had inflatables and animals! They had a monkey, an alligator, an armadillo, an opossum, a chinchilla, a turtle, etc. All of the animals were these two guys' pets! The best part of the weekend was the hypnotist show! The hypnotist was Chuck King, and he is pretty well-known apparently. He has been on 60 minutes twice, so I would call that fame. Anyways, he did a little bit of magic and an hour-long hypnotist show. The people that volunteered to be hypnotized thought they were only hypnotized for a few minutes, and apparently hypnosis is extremely relaxing. It's really hard to describe the show but some of the things he did was tell the people who were hypnotized that their belly button disappeared, so they were all a little panicked. He had another guy turn his shirt around every time he heard the work hypnosis. He had one girl forget the number six and have her count her fingers, so she freaked out when she had 11. It was absolutely hilarious! Today my family came to get my brother,so we went to mass and out to lunch at Smashburger!As for the rest of my day, my roommates and I sat in our yard and "studied" and then ordered Chinese for dinner. We have all been so busy this semester that we rarely take time to just hang out, so we all neglected homework for the day and bonded. Welp have a great week!