Hello, there! My life is still pretty much out of control, but I am loving it! I had a fantastic day today! I have been working in Dr. McEwan's lab. this past semester, and I carried it into this summer, so I have been coming in on Tuesdays for about four hours every week. I am working with a grad. student on creating an herbarium for UD. An herbarium is a collection of plant samples that have already been identified and are mounted and stored as an aid for plant identification. It has been a great experience so far getting to learn about all the various plant species we have come across.

Today I went to Drew Woods in Greenville, Ohio, and it was awesome! Drew Woods is an old growth forest, which means it has never been plowed, and it was absolutely beautiful! We were pretty much just wondering through this woods learning how to identify woody plants and various other things along the way. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but I had a great time besides the mosquitoes. There were literally swarms of mosquitoes because it was pretty swampy. I found it to be pretty funny because we were all standing around trying to determine what type of ash tree we were looking at while smacking ourselves. I was fortunate enough to make it out with very few bites, but I pretty much flapped my arms the whole time.

I have to do some work, so I better go, but have a great day!