My First Day on the Field


Today I went to Miamisburg High School for my teaching observation. It was interesting sitting in on a classroom not as a student. I didn't think it would be that strange because I sit in classes all the time and have been a student forever, but it is completely different watching a classroom. I think it is really cool that I can apply all of the things I'm learning in the classroom outside of the classroom. I have learned so much already. It is such a great opportunity to really get a feel for what teaching is like before you get too far into the degree. Everybody came back from the visit talking about how much they loved their observation.

I also had band today, and I learned that the majority of the band is not music majors. The music majors went on a conference trip for the weekend, so I was really dreading going to band because I thought I'd be one of five people there. Surprisingly, the majority of the people were there. It made me feel more confident knowing I am not the only one that doesn't understand what a major something or other chord is. I really enjoy band, a lot.

Another bonus to my day was I had a pork chop, mashed potatoes, and baked apples for dinner! I know it seems strange for me to share what I ate, but Marycrest has really good food. The cashier told me she's gained 15 pounds since she started her job---the food is just that good.