My UD Family Christmas

Hello! On the night before finals and all through the house, every creature is stirring even the fish. In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would describe to you the state of our house.

This week is finals week, but it has actually been the easiest week of my entire semester. I only have three finals and none of them are very stressful, so my roommate and I were kind of living it up today staying in our pajamas ‘til 1:00 and watching Teen Mom all morning. I promise I am not typically a Teen Mom watcher, but sometimes it makes me feel good about my life.

Anyways, tonight we had our “family” Christmas. We all got really awesome gifts and had a lot of fun. I got an elephant watering can, a tea duck (you put tea in the duck and let it float in your cup), an ornament, and a calendar! I know my presents sound strange, but they are all perfect for me! I think it is great that we could spend hardly any money and get each other really cool things.

Well, I am so tired from this “exhausting” day, so I better get to bed. Have a great day!