New Student Orientation: AEA

I was very heavily involved in the New Student Orientation as an Academic Engagement Ambassador (AEA). An AEA is primarily responsible for leading a few small group discussions with a group of freshman students all throughout the orientation plus doing a few other things here and there. I was an AEA last year, too, and I always enjoy it because it is very rewarding. Often times, these freshman come in horrified and it is a unique experience to be that person that helps them first get their feet on the ground from the get-go.

This year, I was assigned half of a girlÂ’s and half of a guyÂ’s floor in Marianist hall, so these were all students that lived together and my job was to facilitate activities and discussions that would help them get to know each other and learn about the university and college life.

I was very proud of my studentÂ’s this year because we had perfect attendance almost every day, which is outstanding! Anyway, I really enjoyed getting to know the students, and it is also very rewarding to help them become acquainted with UD. The best part of the job is sharing my experiences here with other students. I love getting to tell them about how much I love UD because it allows me take the time to really appreciate and contemplate all of my experiences here.

Welp, that was my first week at school in a nut shell! I hope to see some of you here for UDÂ’s New Student Orientation next fall, and maybe youÂ’ll even be in my group!