New Workout!

I am so excited I can't help but share my new workout! I really wanted to go to the rec. today, but I didn't feel like walking there in the cold, so I had this idea while walking up the stairs with my laundry-- run the stairs! I have been taking the stairs lately to get some extra exercise, but never thought to use them for a workout. I went up and down and ran around like a hooligan, but my heart rate was up for sure. I really got a good workout out simply using the stairs! I highly recommend it.

Today I had my education lab again. It was nice to get off campus. I've been hearing about all this crazy weather, so I've been curious about the actual roads. The paths here are always wonderfully cleared, so I was confused as to why the rest of the world was cancelling everything. I did not see anything dramatic enough to result in so many snow days, but maybe that's just me. Anyways, I enjoyed my outing because I sat in on a zoology class. My laundry is done, so I am going to go! Have a great Friday!