Organic Chemistry

Hi! I decided I should shed some light on my organic chemistry experience since I have taken organic at both UD and Sinclair Community College, so here we go....

I had a really poor chemistry background in high school, so when I first took chemistry at UD, I really struggled. I was in a lecture of 112 people with a professor that didn't normally teach freshman level chemistry, so I did not do well. My friend had the same class and did fine, but I have always had a tought time in chemistry. The next semester I took the second semester of general chemistry and did much better than first semester. I had a professor that has always taught general chemistry and was just an incredible professor, which made a huge difference. After general chemistry it was time for the dreaded organic chemistry. Every body says that organic is one of the toughest classes for a science major, and they are not lying. I went into it thinking that every body was just being dramatic, but it really is hard. Organic is an entirely different type of experience. It is a class where you are taught to only memorize. I started off doing alright, but I quickly fell behind and there is nothing good about falling behind in organic. The professor said from the get-go that we would fail if we fell behind, and he was not lying.

While taking organic, I was also taking a pretty full load of classes, so I consistantly fell further and further behind to the point I was getting a D in organic. Sadly, a D is actually considered passing for organic if you are not a chemistry major, but I really did not want to get a D, so I finally managed to pull off a C, but it was just barely. I knew that if I took the second semester of organic after barely surviving first semester, that I would definitely end up failing it, but I really didn't want to take the first semester over again, so my residential assistant, RA, recommended that I look into Sinclair Community College because she had a really good experience there.

I ended up signing up at Sinclair because the grade wouldn't transfer to my UD grade point average, so if I ended up failing it, I could just retake it there and my GPA wouldn't be destroyed. Sinclair is a quarter school for now (they are switching to semesters in 2012), so it actually worked out really well because o. chem 2 at Sinclair covered part of o.chem 1 and o. chem 2, so it picked up where I fell behind at UD, so I actually had a prayer at being successful. I ended up doing fine at Sinclair, and I think I made the right choice to take o. chem at Sinclair. The class was really small, and I felt like I was actually getting the material. It was also good because the class overlapped with my summer, so I had time to just focus on that class. If I could do it all over again, I would have probably taken both semesters at Sinclair, just because I could keep up with the pace there much better than at UD, but I also do not really need organic for my future. If I was planning to go to medical school, I would definitely take organic at UD.

I know this has been long, but I could go on and on about the differences between the programs with both pros and cons to each, but for me, taking organic at Sinclair was the right choice. There are many factors to consider, when making that choice, but anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Have a great week!