Parents' Weekend

Hello! In case you are unaware, UD has a designated weekend for parents to come to campus every year and this weekend was it. I have actually never had my parents come because I live close enough to home that they come down whenever. While my family has never come, I do enjoy this weekend every year because it is fun to see all of the students with their parents because you can see who they look like, who they act like, and put a face to those you hear so much about. I also think it is cute to see the parents' faces when they are walking around with their kids on campus because you can just read their minds. Usually they are thinking either, "Boy, I miss college," or "I am just so happy to spend time with my kid." I also like all of the sheet signs people hang on their porches in the student neighborhood. I saw a really sweet one today thanking their parents for paying for them to come to UD.

Another thing I like about parents weekend is seeing the church completely packed. I think it is great that everybody's parents come to campus and go to church. I may be weird, but I always find it moving to look around a church and see the place completely packed with people all there because they have faith in God. Since I grew up in a community with a small Catholic population, I am always blown away by the number of Catholics packed in UD's chapel or Holy Angels.

Welp, have a great night!