Plant Diversity and Ecology

Hello, there! This semester I have been taking a plant diversity and ecology class and lab, and I really enjoy it. The first two labs we went to Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum to learn trees. The third week we went to Cox Arboretum, which was gorgeous! Cox arboretum has a lot of hiking trails, beautiful gardens and ponds, and various workshops.

This past week, we went kayaking for our lab! The coordinator of the Rivers Institute, Leslie King, contacted Dr. McEwan, the professor, to see if he was interested in taking his lab out on a paddle. Dr. McEwan is always open to new ideas, so he decided to go for it, and we had a great time! We kayaked a portion of the Mad River and Dr. McEwan taught us about riparian zones along the river. By the way, riparian zones are the vegetation that grows along the river. It was a really neat educational experience!

If you are interested in learning more about the Rivers Institute or Dr. McEwan, here are the links to their web pages. &